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    Default Small kitchen 10'x10'

    We have a small kitchen approx. 10'x10'. Are there any good web sites that display pictures of such small kitchen remodels? In the magazines all you ever see are these gigantic kitchens (that in my opinion) that most common people just don't have.

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    Default Re: Small kitchen 10'x10'

    Do a search for "Galley Kitchens" you can strt here Galley Images

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    I'm in the same boat. We're doing an IKEA kitchen, where you buy everything from them.

    However, IKEA also has a GREAT downloadable kitchen design software program at

    You can try different cabinets, countertops, arrangemens of the counters and appliances, sinks, appliances, etc.

    The specifics are all IKEA products, but even if you don't go IKEA they have a good selection to allow you to find something similar.


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    Default Re: Small kitchen 10'x10'

    Consider looking threw the 1.5" thick kitchen remodel book from Home depoe- after reviewimg at least 10 others this one will not only point you int the right direction but answer questions that your haven't even considered yet...

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