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    Default Help with Upscale Range Hood Choices

    We're getting the new Aga range in Aubergine and I'm having a heck of a time finding a one-of-a-kind hood for it. Everything I can find ****** is standard, but I want something exciting and fresh. Thoughts anyone?


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    Cornufe 110 Cabaret Red and my idea was to go with the same in a hood. My partner's idea is to find something "expressive". Pleasing both of us and not straying from the fact this is a Victorian seems impossible at the moment. He loves Metallo Arts but I can't find anything comparable to know my options. If you know of an artsy hood that won't clash with black and red in the above, I'll take the link and thank you for it.

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    Default Re: Help with Upscale Range Hood Choices

    if you have ever been to a kitchen and bath industry show, you know that there are all kinds of things out on the market. its just a matter of finding them. at the provided link you can check out all the exhibitors from the upcoming show. the only problem is I'm not sure if you can narrow the search on their site to just what you are looking for. they have a lot of exhibitors and may give you good ideas for other areas as well.

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    I'm horrid at trade shows. I fall in love with everything and my partner has to pull me away by my sleeve!

    I have this huge stack of kitchen design magazines (ranging from the practical to the chic) and I've chatted with a few local designers. I know this might sound silly but since I retired I've taken on a few challenges successfully and I really thought I could choose and coordinate the updates to this kitchen myself.

    Naive? Perhaps. But I am having fun with it.

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    Default Re: Help with Upscale Range Hood Choices

    Sorry, I haven't been here in a while.
    But if you haven't resolved this I suggest you take a look at an Abbaka barrel-style hood.
    They do custom anything and the shape would be apropos for your range.
    Have them make a BIG aubergine one with some added banding in an accent metal.
    A designer could help you with this.
    Peggy Deras, CKD, CID
    Kitchen Artworks

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