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    Default Re: Dead Bolt Location.

    So as an update, I ended up putting a kwikset signature series dead bolt on my side door, along with replacing an un-locked screen door latch with a locking mechanism. It wouldn't take much to pry it open, but it's yet another lock...

    That aside, it's time to replace my front door lock. I was having some trouble because the lock, knob on the back, and handles don't all line up. Then after looking around on the web, I realized what I have is a mortise lock by sargent. I'm curious what you guys think of them? Oddly, before I bought the place we had to call a lock smith because my agent locked the keys inside, and he couldn't pick the lock. I'm not sure what that's saying, but I wanted to kick his but when he sprayed wd40 in the lock. Good.. kill my future lock.. Any way, that aside, I've been thinking about what's next..

    Either a Schlage Primus lock which has that new nifty side bar that prevents bumping.. but I read on a lock picking forum that Schlage distributes very similar side bars with in particular areas, which defeats the purpose and makes it once again "bumpable"...

    The other option is a Kwikset that claims to have a bumpgard.. what do you guys think.. If not that, there's medeco but they are pricey..
    There's also the kwikset smart scan...
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