Hi. I have a 40's cape code in a fairly congested area. I know if someone wants the can just kick the doors in.. break a window.. none the less in the time being, I bought some dead bolts to add to my doors with windows. A few locks rated ansi 1 that are keyed on both sides.

The instructions suggest 6 and 1/2 inches from the door knob. My door has windows about half way down (at some point I'll replace this with a steel door.. But untill then would you put the lock above or below the door knob?

Above seems like a bit of weakness, due to the closeness in proximity to the windows, on the other hand, a stiff kick or hit with a sledge hammer to the top would be easier, so I'm leaning to 6 inches above the door handle.

What do you think about placement? Above the knob near the windows, or below?