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    Unhappy Interchanged themostats

    I just had my boiler replaced in October/07. The heating guy interchanged the hot water supply. Now the programable thermostat located in the family room/kitchen actually controls the living room heat, and the thermostat in the living room controls the heat in the family room/kitchen. The rooms are located far apart in the house and separated by doors. The only way to keep the main floor warm is to keep the living room doors open. We do not use the living room too often therefore we want the temperature in that zone to be less than that in the family room/kitchen. Now, because of the mix up, the family room/kitchen area does not heat up and the living room stays heated (unless the doors are left open.) Short of calling back the heating guy to work on the pipes, can I just change the programmable thermostat to "heat only" ones, the types that are not temperature sensitive?

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    Default Re: Interchanged themostats

    So if I read this correctly the plumbing for the different zones have been mixed up?

    I would recommend calling back the company that did the work to correct the problem and not letting them off the hook.... either by restoring the plumbing to the correct way or at the least to wire the thermostats at the valves to control the corresponding zones.

    Just my 2 cents.

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