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    Default Retro-fitting floor above carport

    We have an old home with a "maid's quarters" 3-room area, and there are no rooms beneath these - the area beneath them is essentially a "carport" in front of our garage, open to the cold air much like a bridge would be. The former owners had the old boiler system removed, and the only heat to this area is a large, professional-grade electric heater in the attic, which isn't enough. On nights where the outside temp gets below around 40', this area rarely gets above 60', and the electric heater runs non-stop. The rooms are always very cold, and you can feel the cold air coming through the floors. Can floors that have nothing beneath them like this be retro-fitted with insulation? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Retro-fitting floor above carport

    The simple answer to this is ... yes.... though over the internet there is no way of telling what complexities there are.

    Contact a company that specializes in spray foam application .... it may be a perfect option for this situation.

    Hope this helps.

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