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    Default recessed can making loud noise

    I noticed a loud noise last night - at first i thought it was the refrig - but followed the noise to a recessed an fixture tht is located at the top of the 2nd story stairs. That particular light is left on every night by our children. They have been leaving this light on for at least 1 yr.

    This si the first time the fixture has made that noise. I turned off the switch for a few minutes and when I switched it back on, the light did not come on. It was late so I turned off the circuit breaker to that area and went to bed. We will have the electrician come out next week but in the meantime is this something we should be concerned about i.e fire etc.

    FYI, our house burned down in the middle of the night 3 yrs ago and so we are very touchy about these things.

    The house was rebuilt 2 yrs old and the bulb is the original one put in by the light fixture company we purchased all of our fixtures from.

    Thank you for your opinion on this matter.

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    Default Re: recessed can making loud noise

    Could you be more specific describing what the sound is?

    What type of light is this .... low voltage , flourescent , compact fluorescent , incandescent ?


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    Default Re: recessed can making loud noise

    By all means, have the fixture looked.
    Hoping it is something easy, like the incorrect bulb installed in the said fixture.
    Goos luck....

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