I hope someone can help us. I just read other info about stinky smells and new furnaces but this odor is a fishy smell...yes, it smells like really bad fish! Our new furnace/ac is only 6 months old. My old furnace-same ductwork-didnt make this smell. All summer the ac ran with no smell. The past 2 months here in Colorado I have been using the heat and about 5 times a day it happens. The smell will blow in to the house when the furnace kicks on a few minutes and then stop. Then the air blowing from the vents smells fine! Sometimes the smell hovers in the stairwell but then goes away when I open windows and doors. It is a smell that reminds me of a non-microwave plate that we burned in the microwave once, and also smells like the new glue we used on my daughter's baseboards/carpet when her space heater was on. I have checked (by smelling only) the washer/dryer, the sink and bathroom drains, the outside of the furnace (nothing), around the water heater, the fridge, the plastic around the can lights in the basement (it smells like stinky burning plastic to me-I know that sounds weird)
Our furnace is in the basement of our 900 sq ft up and 900 sq ft down 1950 house. It is supposed to pull in air from outside. It has a very expensive filter system to ELIMINATE ODORS! Our ducts were not new and seem pretty dirty to me when I look down into the room vents...but could this be the source of such a horrible smell? The first time I smelled it I was actually cooking salmon for dinner and for days after I thought it was from that. I cant imagine that furnace guys would use something that would smell bad when hot? If it was in the ducts wouldn't it smell bad all the time the furnace was blowing? Help! One of my babies is a baby and I am worried about her health. Any suggestions would be appreciated!