OK, I'll go at random again...

a. I don't know what a "thimble" is. Is it a point nearer the clean out or the woodstove exhaust point? I'm guessing it's the piece imbedded in the brick where I hook up the stove's exhaust point? The clean out is about 4 feet below the thimble. Between the thimble and the clean out is where the spalding of the bricks is...

b. No, the woodstove is not our primary source of heat. We simply love the heat that a woodstove compliments our furnace with; relatively free and ooooh the warmth!

c. The kind of wood burned is %90 oak. If there are any softwoods, like cottonwood etc., I mix them in after the stove is good and warmed up. No construction/manufactured sticks are burned.

d. Creosote. I believe I misspoke about cleaning out the (2) 5 gallon pails of "creosote". What I pulled out was very black and heavy ash from the clean out. It wasn't tarry,or sticky, but heavy.

e. I'm not sure what the exact temp of burn is but the " Burn Zone" section of the Rutland gauge is where I keep it. I just went to look at the gauge- 130-300 is the burn zone.

I am not burning a thing in it right now. It is disconnected and pulled away from the wall. Thanks for your feedback guys. I'll call a pro.