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    Smile Original Woodblock Prints

    If you're looking for inexpensive period original prints try this site:

    Good stuff!

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    Default Re: Original Woodblock Prints

    Another good way to find original hand-pulled prints, whether relief printing-which includes woodblock, intaglio-like etching-silkscreen, ect, is to do a google search under 'print making forums'. This will take you directly to artists forum sites, where you can oftentimes see the printmakers work. You'll finds lots of styles and techniques and alot of the time, artists have a link to their own websites in their signature line. If not, all you have to do is register-usually free-and post on the forum to the artist or send them a private message or email from the forum site.

    One such is at www.wetcanvas.com look for the Printmakers forum. Tell them Leigh (bdswagger) from Oklahoma sent you lol!

    Another way is to contact your state or local arts council ******, many have artists listings with examples of their work posted as well as contact info.

    These are good ways to find inexpensive art that you will treasure for many years to come. And possibly help out an artist along the way.


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    Default Re: Original Woodblock Prints

    you can also try www.childsgallery.com, one of boston's oldest galleries with one of the largest collections of prints in the country. they have lots of cool stuff, tool related, house related, everything you can imagine.

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