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    Default Re: Need tool to enlarge sprayer hole in stainless steel sink

    I'd suggest a step drill.

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    Angry Re: Need tool to enlarge sprayer hole in stainless steel sink

    DAM! I searched all over and NOONE have picture of it?

    Some say " It's hard to Drill Stainless Steels, It's Tough to Drill Stainless Steels " LIES, LIES, LIES!!!

    I got MAD , so Here is how I did it. I took before and
    after pix so you all can see . I also included what type of tools I used to do it, wear Eye Protection, it was DAM so EASY!

    1. I punched a hole in where I needed, I use NAILS, then a small bit to drill break the Hole. Use Xtra WD-40 for this one.

    2. Once I got the small Hole, I used BOSCH TITANIUM Drill Bits, 5/64", 7/64", 7/32", 5/16", 1/2" with the help of WD-40 to Drill stepping up the Hole bigger and bigger to 1/2".

    3. Since I needed the Hole to be 1-1/18". I trace it with a marker, I use a Round File and FILE the heck out of it until I got the Hole big enough to fit my New Soap Dispenser.

    4. After about 1/2 an hour of Filing the Dam Hole with rest, cause I don't want to hurt my muscles the next day, LOL. I use the small file to smooth it out, DONE!!!!

    5. To Clean-Up, I use a WET Paper Towel and Wrapped a Magnet around it so the Magnet will pick up all the Metals, even smallest pieces.

    6. I can't seem to get help at all from searching all over the net to do this. I pretended that I was living in the Stone Age and use what I got just like the ancient Egyptians, LMFAO.... Another thing, I also pretended that I was in Jail breaking out, it really helped Filing the Dam Hole Faster.... hehehehehe

    Hope that will help someone .




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