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    Question Removing or Painting over Wallpaper

    The wallpaper on my walls are not your normal wallpaper.. This wallpaper was not put on.. It came new with the wallpaper on each sheet.. I want to paint my walls but I dont know how to remove this type of wallpaper.. A steamer I dont believe will work on this type of paper, I maybe wrong.. Any ideas?? Please feel free to e-mail me at big_war_hawk@yahoo.com Thanks in advance.

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    Red face Re: Removing or Painting over Wallpaper

    I don't think there is anyway to remove that type of paper. My sister had the same problem and it pulled chunks of wallboard away if you tried anything. You're best bet is to either re-wallpaper over it (you can even get some at Lowe's that's paintable) or check with a paint specialty store like Hirshfields to see if there's a good product. If the wallpaper pattern is too bold, you'd probably have to prime the wall first. Then you could either just paint or do a sponge/faux paint job to get better coverage.

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    Default Re: Removing or Painting over Wallpaper

    Vinyl coated sheetrock is what you have. It's really hard to cover it. I think a new wallpaper is the way to go. Some people try to cover it but you always have some (or a lot)of bleed through.

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    Default Re: Removing or Painting over Wallpaper

    Since vinyl siding can be painted, using acrylic latex primers and paints - it may be possible use some of those techniques to tackle the vinyl coated wallboard.

    Begin by cleaning the surface. For hand-washing exterior surfaces, Owens Corning recommends the following cleaning solution: 1/3 cup powdered detergent (Fab®, Tide® or equivalent powdered detergent), 2/3 cup Spic & Span® or equivalent powdered household cleaner dissolved in 1 gallon water. If your vinyl has mildew, substitute a quart of household bleach for one quart of water in the mix. RInse really well.

    For interior cleaning, make sure you have excellent ventilation!!!

    A light sanding to roughen the surface will help the primer stick.

    I would also consult a paint store expert (vs a large DIY store) for their specific product suggestions. Many paint stores offer sample sizes of paint to try - so you might be able to try a product on a small area before you commit to doing the entire room.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Removing or Painting over Wallpaper

    I have seen rooms where people painted over the wallpaper. It did not look good. I would highly suggest removing the wallpaper and then thoroughly cleaning and painting the walls. Wallpaper is usually a permeable surface and primer and paint could force the glue to dissolve. This would create a mess you would not want to have to deal with on any project. You can use Zinsser DIF products and a Paper Tiger Scoring Tool to remove the paper. Earlex makes a good wallpaper Steamer to remove wallpaper, which can be rented at a local tool rental, Home Depot, or local hardware store.
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    Default Re: Removing or Painting over Wallpaper

    Have you tried using FABRIC SOFTNER...
    It is working well for us. Get a sponge and a good sc****r. If you can pull up a corner and sponge some in, it really seems to work wonders. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Removing or Painting over Wallpaper

    I don't know what your wallpaper is made from,
    but I saw once that oil colors where used to paint over wall paper.
    it came out very beautiful, however, it a requires talent and it a little bit costly...

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