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    Default Self-Leveling Concrete Use

    I would like to get some advice on using self-leveling concrete. I have a 14' x 14' living room where one corner drops approximately 1". The taper goes back approximately 7'.

    How well does this concrete self-level or how much will I have to level the floor once it is poured?

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    Default Re: Self-Leveling Concrete Use

    water always goes to level. so this concrete is a very thin pour. I don't know whats on the market now but years ago we used one called gypcrete it was a light weight mix, and worked well we we redoing an old hospital to become a library.

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    Question Re: Self-Leveling Concrete Use

    Our basement is old and not done professionally so it is quite bad. It seems to be higher near the outside walls and has many dips and swells throughout. It may vary more than an inch. Is self leveling concrete practical and affordable for an entire basement or is there another alternative?

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