This is my first post and question. I sure hope someone can figure this one out!! I woke up a couple mornings ago and found a circuit out. I have checked the following: First I checked to see if breaker had popped. It haden't. I bought and installed a new, proper breaker just in case. I visually inspected all outlets and light fixtures for loose or broken wires by pulling out the fixture or outlet and eyeballing it. I have checked continuity between hot and ground, and between ground and common on all affected wall outlets. I have checked continuity between the dead black wire (disconnected) at the breaker box and all outlets and light fixtures affected (with my multi-meter and a really long wire). I have no continuity at any of those. I tried one of those $5 plug-in testers, but without power at the outlet, of course it wouldn't work. There is 115 across the breaker and all other circuits are fine. The 220 is ok also. Any other tests I can do?