Hello. Have a new house that we built ourselves about three years ago. Installed the Jeld-Wen aluminum clad double hung wood windows. Each winter in our new home we've experienced condensation at the lower 1/2" on both sashes of all our windows. This happens when we get below 25 degrees outside.

Everything I've read contributes this problem to too high of humidity being distributed by our forced air electric furnace. However, to the contrary, we had to have a humidifier installed to be comfortable as the furnace was supplying heat so dry we could barely swallow or open our eyes in the morning.

I am fighting a loosing battle with this one and looking for some advice. The windows constatly do this so I am daily wiping them down to try and fight mold build up. Parts of the window are freezing cold and sometimes have ice. In particular the wood at the bottom of the lower sash does this.

While humidity might be the issue, I am skeptical. Because my Anderson brand sliding glass door does just fine.

Did I just get a bad set of windows?