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    Default Fireplace Mantle Paint

    Our fireplace mantle was slightly burned and needs to be repainted. I have sanded down the damaged area and am ready to paint, but I am unsure if there is low flammable paint that is especially for this type of fireplace job? The previous house owner's paint was a gloss white, we would like to stay with that type of paint, if possible. Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: Fireplace Mantle Paint

    It's called Intumescent paint and here are a couple of links

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    I am in the same situation with a slightly burned fireplace mantle. What can I say, I got a little carried away with my new fireplace Luckily the wood has not carbonized, but I was considering using one of these fireplace decorating kits and was wondering if anybody had an opinion on how that would work for a slightly well done mantle. Thanks in advance.

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