Recently I purchased a home built in 1941. It has a small fireplace. It appears to be a wood burning fire place with a working damper, and a small vent like the damper on the bottom. (I'm assuming this was for dumping ashes which reminds me of a coal burning fireplace. All that aside, years back, someone installed a gas fire log like device. I'd like to update it, since I'm guesing this peice was put in the late 70's or ealy 80's.

Several local shops quote a flat rate of around $300 to replace a gas burner and fire log. I might be able to do this my self, but I'd rather not deal with the liability.

Since we're doing many other things to the place, I'm on a very small budget, but I want to be safe. Can you reccomend brands and/or dealers for burners and gas logs or gas "coal baskets".. I actually thing the latter looks a bit more realistic.

So.. I look forward to your input about brands and retailers..

Thanks in advance!