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    Default Allergic to Latex

    Please Help!
    I painted our Kitchen this summer. Only to my Wife become deathly sick from the paint fumes, because she is Allergic to Latex. I need to paint the rest of the house. What can I do? Can't afford for her to become so violently ill again.

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    She may have to stay with someone for a few days while you paint. Also, keep the doors and windows open and run fans. The fumes will dissapate quicker. You will need to plan it out well. Make all repairs and do all the prep work ahead of time so your actual time painting will be minimized. Also, keep the cans covered when not mixing or pouring.

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    The "doctor" said all so well, but I think that the easiest way is to keep her in another place until the work is done or maybe even hire some people to do the work for you so you can stay close to your wife. It depends on your funds and desires... chose what suits you best.

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