My wall-mounted kitchen telephone has had it and needed to be replaced. When I went shopping, I found very few choices in wall-mounted phones (they seem to be phasing them out) and decided to buy an AT&T countertop model that plugs into a jack with several extensions that just need to be plugged into electrical outlets.

Now, my question. When I remove the old wall phone in the kitchen, there's a very unattractive metal wall plate with electrical wire stapled to the wall connecting the jack to something in the basement I think.

What do I do with this old wall phone plate? It's ugly. It isn't in a spot where I can cover it up with anything. I called the telephone company and she said that "no one had ever asked her about getting one removed before".

Do people remove these on their own? It will leave a hole in the wall, won't it? And can I just clip that wire leading to the jack or will I get some type of electrical shock? Or mess up my telephone service?

I appreciate your help. Thank you.