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    Post How to Remove Plaster from Brick??

    I have an old house built in 1813. The house has brick walls on each end. During the mid 1800s, the house had additional smaller portions joined to it. When they did this, one end of the house exterior wall became an interior wall. The problem: they plastered over the beautiful brick. I would like to remove it and it seems to be a nightmare to do that. Any time tested tricks or suggestions? Chipping away with a knife or sc**** really isn't cutting it. Thank you.

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    Unhappy Re: How to Remove Plaster from Brick??

    I cannot fathom why you would want to remove 1813 plaster from the original brick??? The "beautiful" brick was meant to be covered up and not exposed. During that part of the 19th century as soon as you had two nickels to rub together the brick or the wood framing were covered up. The 1813 plaster being made from lime sand and hair only improves with age. Once removed it can never be replaced with anything as good or better. The brick was designed to be covered and meant to be covered. The fact that it is difficult to remove should give you a clue...maintaining the plaster (as well as the rest of the home) for the next generation of custodians (owners)would be of great benefit to all those come after us.

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    Default Re: How to Remove Plaster from Brick??

    Use a cold chisel, which comes in various sizes but some are the width of a brick, and drive it into the plaster by hitting it with a hammer. It took me about an hour to remove plaster from a brick chimney in my kitchen (about 1x2x9 feet).

    I haven't tackled the fine details yet, but I'm reading ****** that wire brushes attached to drills or an application of muriatic acid cleans off residue, depending on how "clean" of a look you want. Masonry water sealer seals the bricks to prevent them from generating dust.

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    Default Re: How to Remove Plaster from Brick??

    Bosch Bulldog with chisel attachment for the most of it.


    (Not so sure I would personally desire to remove the plaster though)

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