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    Default Will my arborvitae survive

    I would like to widen my driveway by 5 feet. I can't widen the driveway toward my house so I would have to go out toward the property line. I have a row of beautiful arborvitae that are 40+ ft. tall that run the length of the driveway. They are approximately 10 feet from the current driveway.

    If I widen the driveway to within 5 feet of the arborvitae trunks, will I risk killing these beautiful bushes? If so, is there a way to properly put in an asphalt driveway without digging down the recommended 6 inches.

    Thank you for your advice.

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    Default Re: Will my arborvitae survive

    i don't think digging within 5' of the trees will kill them. The roots won't go out much past the drip line. What might make a difference is the reflected heat from the new pavement & the subsequent need for more water. Be sure to water them a little more next summer. Arborvitaes are fairly tough plants.

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