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    Default light switch not functioning..

    So.. I'm not a big repair person, but I refuse to hire an electrician to something I can figure out.. I have a 3 way connector to the light switch in the kitchen.. I opened it up and tried jiggling around.. The thing that is annoying me is I'm certain it's the black wire that is the problem.. When I move it around try to angle it or push down on it in obscure angles, the light switch seems to work. I managed to somehow fix it before by pushing on the black wire and cramming it back into the wall, but now I can't seem to do that again. Is the connection loose or something? What can I try to do to fix it?

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    Default Re: light switch not functioning..

    Seriously , the first thing you need to do is stop sticking your fingers into a box with hot wires . Call someone with a little more knowledge on the subject to come help you out . And do it soon .

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