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    I am building a new shower and bathroom, the exsisting room had a tub and drywall that all went south and molded. I ripped out all the old and used all new stud walls and new sub floor then I put OSB on the walls and then over the walls and floor installed concrete permabase edgetech 3 x 5 material. I installed a floor drain and prior to thinset and tile I was going to float out a new shower floor so that it sloped inward toward the drain using bedding mortar, however I was curious do I need to use a membrane even though I am using concrete permabase flooring and walls? And, if so, do I float out the floor first then install the membrane or can I simply float out the floor and then install the thinset and then the ceramic tile? Any help you could offer would greatly be appereciated.
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    Yes, you need the membrane. In days of yore, lead or copper pans were used, but today the choice is membrane. Install it carefully with much attention to the details. You get one shot at this.

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