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    Exclamation Toilet Burp

    My house was built in the sixties but we moved in last year.

    Last month, the toilet began to make a burp or gurgling noise, loose water in the bowl then leak onto the floor.

    It does this when running water into the sink and tub but it does not do it often; maybe once or twice a week.
    Does the wax seal need to be replaced?

    PS: This is the only toilet in house and the house is one level.

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    If there is leak on the floor, the wax ring needs to be replaced. If nothing else is damaged: cracks on the toilet or flange, then the wax ring is the culprit.
    The gurgling happens because there is a venting problem and there is a stoppage in the drain. Clean the drain. Clean the mail line. Make sure the vent is o.k.

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    One extra that I do is to put some screen wire over the vent stack with a zip tie to hold it. Of course after you have it cleaned out.

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