Hello all, this is my first post here. I'm sure there have been threads on the subject, maybe if I've missed them, you can point me to a few.

I have a new used home, and I'm curious to learn your opinions about home security. 2 topics mainly, bump proof locks, and security monitoring systems. It seems like there's a lot of crime going around and I'd like to keep my place reasonably secure.

There's an extent that we have to go. If we're really afraid, we put up bars, prison style windows, and steel doors. On the other hand, I think that reasonably good locks and a security system may be enough.

Though from some, I've heard security systems are junk. If they slice your phone lines, or jam cell phones, your system is nothing but a beeping horn.

That's where I get interested in things like Xanboo.. http://www.xanboo.com/

What do you think? What's the best thing to do to protect your home for under $500?
One thing I really like about the idea of Xanboo, is the idea of hooking up smoke detectors.. All that in mind, do you think there are better X10 products?

Thanks for the advice..