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    Default strip paint off old plaster wall

    I recently moved into an 1920 old house, the paint is peeling off the plaster in the dining room, i would like to strip off the paint and not paint on top of the existing paint, what is the best way to do it without damaging the plaster wall underneath?

    please advise

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    If the ceiling paint is peeling it could be calcimine. This is easy to deal with...it can be removed with a wallpaper steamer held to the ceiling to re-hydrate the calcimine. Once it is wet it will sc**** off easily. Then wash the ceiling plaster, allow to dry and seal with a calci-coater. If the wall paint is peeling check to find the problem and then treat the paint issue as a cosmetic one.

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    Default Re: strip paint off old plaster wall

    anytime I have dealt with peeling paint it's because of water getting in behind the paint, I use a T handle razor sc****r use it just like stripping wallpaper. the other thing here is being the age of your house you may have lead base paints, make sure you wear a mask.

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