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    Yep, it didn't miss for awhile after that! I still got the old all-steel Craftsman around here somewhere. The 2 1/2 straight claw is just a stub from chipping concrete, the flat face worn round from use, all the deeply embossed lettering on the rubber handle worn away, and the wooden plug in the head, "for balance" they said, burned clean out in a fire that began when a hot torch fell onto my pouches as they lay behind my car and they burned too. It didn't seem to affect the hammer's temper or the rubber handle and it served me well for many years thereafter. It was my first work hammer(which is why I keep it still)and thinking back it went 19 years, 4 squashed thumbs, numerous lesser injuries, and too many jobs to count. It's junk to anyone else but it's priceless to me!


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    Hi, it's samsmom again. Ok, ok I'm a wimp and will get thicker skin, ha ha. At least I don't quit when I cry now! Thanks for the medical advise, I maybe there is hope for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djohns View Post
    You know , electrical tape will hold a gauze pad in place real well . I've had one on my hand for two days . The first day was white , today was red ,maybe blue tape tomorrow .
    Probably a better idea than duct tape since the duct tape glue will probably leech into your skin and blood :|
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    Hey--just keep in mind that taking off gauze that has dried to a wound is a problem in itself. After getting cut on a camping trip, and using good Boy Scout First Aid Skills, our Troop Leader called telling me that 'maybe it would be a good idea' to pick up said Boy Scout son and head off to the ER. They had wrapped his wound in a combination of cotton wads and gauze pads, secured with duct tape.

    13 hours later, in a busy ER, this deep gash had stopped bleeding but had welded itself to the cotton wads and gauze pads. It took ER personnel another 2 hours to remove all the debris and the gauze only to have it bleed like a fountain. The pain my son was in was horrible. 9 stitches later, infection set in and we were in and out of the hospital for several days, debriding this wound. The wound eventually healed up, but the scar is still there.

    My advice - clean the damn wound! The ER MD suggested carrying vasaline gauze or no-stick gauze pads instead of the cheaper 'dry' gauze pads. I've done it ever since...
    BTW: I am a First Responder so that is what I carry in my emergency kit in the car.

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