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    Default Air Exchanger Sucking In

    I have an air exchanger attached to my furnace, supposed to be a good idea. In my opinion the jury is still out on that. Anyway, my neighbor heats his house primarily by a wood fireplace. It seems his fireplace exhaust heads straight for my air exchanger. I clean my filters on a regular basis, but it seems I am always sucking in the smell of his burning wood. So much so that I just turn off my air exchanger. Does anybody have any ideas, or should I just leave the air exchanger off?

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    Default Re: Air Exchanger Sucking In

    I think that's one of the greatest downfalls of air exchangers, they take in outside air good or bad. You can leave it off but if your house is really sealed the air inside gets stale. You can put a timer on it so that it only runs for a couple of minutes at a time thus cutting down on the amount of unwanted pollutants you take in or you can go th the expense of adding additional costly filters or try relocating in inlet.
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