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    Post dual flush toilet

    We are considering dual flush toilets rather than low flow. There are 2 kinds: Toto (popular seller) with a smaller flush pipe dia. and standard install or Carona (Australia's favorite) with a 4 inch pipe and a special install and 4(!) 90 degree turns. We have 2 toilets and 2 adults, we live in Portland OR & water prices are going up, up, up. Any thoughts Anyone?
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    Default Re: dual flush toilet

    We have regular Toto's in our house. This may be too simple a solution, but I have a "manual" dual flush system. Which means I just hold the lever down longer for the "big" flush and press the lever normally for the regular flush.

    The Toto's work very well by the way. I have personally put in about 20 of them now for family, friends, church, etc. and there are no complaints about any of them. They are the basic model which cost about $165 from a plumbing supply. You may want to consider getting the "comfort" height (or ADA compliant height) to make it easier to get back up. I am appreciating that little bit of extra height more and more.

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