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    Question recycling materials

    I just moved to a new home where I tore out carpeting and the pad to put in hardwood floors. I have an unfinished basement which I do use. I would like to know if there is any harm to putting the pad from the carpet in between the rafters in my basement for some heat insulation but mostly for a sound buffer to a noisy freezer. I'll only have enough to do a small section and I would not be opposed to putting several layers in one spot if that cuts down on the sound. I hate to put it in a landfill if I can reuse it. Also, where can I bring my carpeting for recycling, etc? I live in Missouri.

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    Default Re: recycling materials

    sounds like a good idea, i have never heard of anything like that done, but i have been in homes where people have taken their old carpet and layed it across the floor in their attic just to help stop the heat flow.

    moisture may be an issue, but if you go ahead with it, keep an eye on it.... mark your computer calander to remind you like every 3 months or so, and take some digital pictures each time to see it their is any difference with the moisture issue that may arrise.

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