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    Default Main bath remodel

    We have a very, very small MAIN bathroom in our house. The dementions are approx. 5'Wide X 10' Long. Are there any good websites that give ideas, pictures, and so forth of what might give us some realistic ideas. Thank you for your help.

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    Default Re: Main bath remodel


    They have a few articles about utilizing small bathroom space.

    Here is one about how to decorate a small bathroom.

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    Default Re: Main bath remodel

    I own a ranch style home that has a main floor and a basment. There is a 1/2 bath in master bathroom and a full bath (tub/shower) in the hallway bathroom. There is also a full bath (tub/shower) in the basement. I DEFINITELY want to put at least a shower in the master bathroom but there is no space in the current layout.

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    If you want to put a steel roof on your house, it's cheaper in Texas because corrugated metal sheeting is manufactured in abundance in Texas.

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