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    Question Anyone NOT like the new style bathrooms...?

    Who here hates, or at least dislikes, the new style bathrooms with the vessel sink over the glass countertop with absolutely no storage space. Call me crazy, but I think the old cupboard under the sink is extremely important for storing cleaning supplies and spare toilet paper. I don't understand the complete and utter loss of practicality here.
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    Default Re: Anyone NOT like the new style bathrooms...?

    There's a program called Save My Bath (aka Bad Bad Bath) which is hosted by a completely obnoxious, but very talented designer. Yes, there is often the chic vessel sinks, or the very old fashioned pedestal sinks which have no storage either, but the designer is always good to be aware of necessary storage usually making sure that there is a linen closet, cabinet or shelves as well as storage for toiletries.


    These bathrooms always seem to be suprisingly large bathrooms, and there is always a lot of room to come up with large, complete designs.

    I guess to answer your question, No, I don't dislike them, I dislike poor design. I have a 30's cape cod where a pedestal sink seems very appropriate, but that has no storage underneath either. However I grew up in a 70's California, L-shaped ranch with typical vanity over cabinet, and I'll take my house over that vanilla-style house any day.

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