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    Default tying wires together

    is it a bad idea to tie together, using plastic zip ties, a group of wires of differnt gauge but all romex? Would heat everbe an issue?

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    Default Re: tying wires together

    The NEC will allow sections of cables with the number of current carrying conductors not exceeding three to be installed without maintaining spacing or to be bundled as long as the length does not exceed 24 and not in a raceway as you have described.

    Above that and the NEC requires that you derate the wiring. Although, for derating purposes they bump up the allowable ampacity of the conductor for the calculation on sizes 14, 12 and 10 AWG.

    Just a thought but I have seen inspectors fail installations using tywraps because they are not listed as a means of support for the cable type.

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    Default Re: tying wires together

    i'm looking for info on wiring an old outlet that has four wires in it! i'm looking to put a new outlet where the old one was, 2 blk wires,2 white, what is the safiest way to wire this old wire to a new outlet?

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    Default Re: tying wires together

    Quote Originally Posted by DwarfWytch View Post
    Since your post has nothing to do with the original topic string, I'm not too encouraged you'll revisit it, tmunz.

    But, regarding the safest way to wire it? Hire a qualified, licensed electrician.
    You speak the truth....

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