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    Default insulating unfinished basement

    I live in the North East. I insulated my unfinished/unheated basement ceiling with R-13. I wanted to block most of the warm air from leaving through the upstairs floors, but not block all of it. We do spent some time down there and I didn't want it to be very cold. I also feel the insulation cuts down some of the noise from the boiler and washing machine. Was this a waste of time? Should I have used R-19? Should I insulate the walls?
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    Default Re: insulating unfinished basement

    unfinished/unheated basement....their is has to be some heat down there to keep the pipes from freezing if you live in that neck of the woods. the fiberglass will cut down on the sound, but will not stop it all.

    do you ever think you will use the basement for more than just utility/laundry?

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    Default Re: insulating unfinished basement

    Did it help keep the house warm and save on energy/ Becuse this is what I am considering and I cannot find a definite answer as to whether this is a good thing or not.

    What do you think?

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    Default Re: insulating unfinished basement

    We insulated our (previously) unfinished basement with R-13 last fall. The winter before that, it was absolutely freezing (even with a heater on all day, temp never got above 62. This year, I didn't even have to open the heat vent. Temp was maintained at about 67 degrees, even on the coldest days and it was much, much quieter down there, too. Our whole basement (about 420 square feet) cost less than $200 to insulate. I highly recommend using a respirator if you are installing it yourself and that you cover yourself completely -- long sleeves, hat, long pants and knee socks. Then wash everything its own load. I had no experience with this, but my carpenter said it was the best job he had ever seen. Make sure you line the exterior walls with plastic, to prevent condensation on the insulation. I also painted the walls with a garage floor sealer to keep out the moisture (my carpenter said that it wasn't worth the money to buy DryLock/UGL).

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    Default Re: insulating unfinished basement

    Make sure you line the exterior walls with plastic, to prevent condensation on the insulation.
    Don't put the plastic on the foundation wall.... otherwise condensation will form.

    The plastic goes on the warm side .... covering the insulation and studs.... this prevents condensation.
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