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    Default Best Way to Heat a Cold Room

    When remodeling our home we removed a wall from the main floor that had a heating duct in it. Now we have a large room upstairs that is not getting enough heat with the one duct supplying it. What is the best way to add heat to this room? It is our nursery and so we want it to be a safe option. We have been looking at baseboard heaters. Any thoughts or advice on this?

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    Default Re: Best Way to Heat a Cold Room

    Yes one duct wouldn't be enough. Unfortunate that it wasn't caught at the time of remodel it would have been a simple procedure to relocate the one you removed.

    However ... if there is access to the underside of the floor from below this still can be done. A heating contractor should be able to run ducting to a vent cut into the floor. This contractor would be able to determine the size and number of ducts needed for that room.

    Hope this helps.

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