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    Default What are the High-Low water temp. settings for an EFM 135,000 BTU oil burner?

    I have an EFM oil fired hot water boiler for heating and domestic water. I was wondering about the settings for temp. control, about lowering it and to what temps to go to. It is set at 190 for the HIGH and 160 for the low. This seems high to me, its a 3 story house with radiators in each room. There are 2 zones, 1 for the basement and another for the rest of the house. Any info I thank you for!
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    Default Re: What are the High-Low water temp. settings for an EFM 135,000 BTU oil burner?

    You can try different settings to see if the boiler will work at lower heating temp perameters, especially during the milder winter temps we're experiencing now.

    Depending on what part of the country you live in, you can save a little on the oil bill by setting the lo on the aquastat at 150 degrees and the hi at 170 degrees.

    You should always keep a 20 degree differential between the hi temp setting and the lo temp setting.

    As we get into the brunt of the winter weather, you may find that the lower settings won't allow the boiler's burner to keep up with the cold water being pumped back from the cold radiators, and thus you should consider setting the aquastat to what is usually the "winter setting" of 160 degrees lo and 180 degrees hi.

    Also mentally check other things to make sure your boiler & heating system is in tip top shape for the cold weather ahead:

    Did you have the burner cleaned, vacuumed out and tuned this fall???

    Do you have adequate insulation inside the outside walls & attic to keep the heat in???

    Have you bled the air out of all the radiators so they will work at peak efficiency???

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