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    I have a hvac system and would like to change filters myself. Can you indicate where they are located and how to change them

    Thank you

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    Depending on the make , model of your system will depend on where it's located.
    The one thing that is consistant is they will be located where the main cold air return ducting attaches to the furnace for the blower system.
    1. Turn off the power to the furnace fan at the main circuit breaker. Always be safe!
    2. Find your current furnace filter and remove it. It may be behind a panel that either slides off or unscrews.
    3. If you don't already know the size of the filter, write down the dimensions (if they're printed on it), or measure the filter.
    4. Immediately put your old filter in a garbage bag and get it out of the house to prevent the spread of allergens and germs.
    5. Before installing the new filter, look for the arrows that tell you which way to position the filter. If you put the filter in backwards, it can decrease its efficiency.
    6. Slide the new filter into place and put the panel back in place.
    7. Turn the power back on, smile, and take a deep breath of clean air!
    It may be located similar to what's displayed in the photos.

    Hope this helps.
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