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    Default Bamboo Floor Discolored

    I installed a natural bamboo floor (glued) over concrete, about 2years ago. Over this time period the floor is a different shade where the sun has been on it. Example would be the bamboo under the large dining room rug is much lighter, almost like the day I installed it, than the surrounding floor. Areas under couches and chairs too are very light.
    My question is can I sand down this floor and make the coloring all uniform? Is there another idea to match it all up again?
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Bamboo Floor Discolored

    did you put a sealer on the floor? you are probally aware that wood does darken with age. a sealer on the wood does slow this process but surely doesn't stop it. sanding it out will bring it back to the original color.

    try this link.

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