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    Default Main sewage Line

    I bought this "HUD" house 3 years ago, where someone has poured concrete into the hole in the basement where there was a toilet bowl at one time. I would like to re-establish that basement toilet, but I'm afraid that if I start breaking up the concrete that someone poured in that hole, to seal it off, concrete will fall down into the sewage line.

    Would the best way to address this be to cut out that section of the sewage line so I would not have to break up the concrete poured in the hole, and remove the concrete and sewage line without breaking anything up?

    Is there a backflow preventer that is an intergral part of the sewage line? If not, why not?

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    my first question is are you sure the hole that was filled in is actually where the sewer line is? the floor of most basements are actually below the grade of the sewer line, so to be able to have a basement bathroom they used to have a recessed spot in the floor probally about 10 inches square and a somewhere around a foot and a half deep, this was for a sump pump which then would pump the waste to a pipe overhead. otherwise you might find yourself cutting in the floor looking for a pipe that isn't there

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