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    Default Calcium carbinate shower drain build up

    I've had a problem with calcium carbinate (my local health department confirmed my claim that this material is calcium carbinate) build up in my shower drain. This deposit builds up below the point where the membrane is secured to the drain. This is a new home that's only 8 months old and it's a tile shower and shower pan. During that time I've sc****d out the calcium three times from the drain which is totally coated with this deposit. Along with this delema, my shower pan never seems to dry out as evidenced by the grout always being wet along the edge of the shower floor and up an inch or so in the grout on the wall and deposits accumulating there too. I have a watersoftener that seem to be working since I'm not having any hard water deposits anywhere else.

    I've removed the tile and pan down to the membrane around the drain in order to make sure that the seep holes were ok and they are. I also have a Warmly Yours 24 volt infloor heating mat in the shower floor (which is now ruined after doing the above).

    Any ideas why this is happening? Is it possible that the in floor heating element is causing this (warmly yours says no)?

    Thanks for your help.
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