I am 76 years old, female, living in Southeastern Michigan. I moved into a first floor condo last Sept. When the heating system started in the fall, I heard a dripping sound in the bathroom ceiling. The bathroom has a vent fan/light that goes across in the ceiling between the floors over another room to an outside wall. In this bathroom ceiling the heat/ac vent also passes through. Of course there is also plumbing, but the noise only occurs when the heat is on. Two months ago I lost 11 orchid plants I had raised for years due to mold. Recently I have noticed skin problems as well but the doctors can't figure it out - only on exposed skin.

I've tried to get the condo maintenance people to assist me, but they don't take this old woman seriously. I believe the moisture dripping noise (at times in 3 second intervals) and the moldy plants are connected. I believe that the drywall ceiling should be removed and an inspection carried out for moisture.

Can you tell me what terminology I should use to again try to get the condo association to assist me? I would like to feel physically as well as I did before I moved here as obviously time is limited on this planet for me and living like this cannot be healthful. All suggestions are much appreciated.