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    Default Basement wood floor installation Ideas.

    I live in Wisconsin, so temp and humidity extremes here. I have a 26 x 40 bilevel, with a walk out basement sliding door.

    I would like to use pex tubing over my concrete floor in the basement, and put a hardwood T&G covering. I've used Bruce 5/16" T&G prefinished real wood flooring before, but manufacturer says not to put over infloor radiant heat. Room is 25' x 12.5'.

    My house is very well insulated, 6" walls, energy rafters, 18 years old. I've never spent more than $500 to heat it with LP gas yet. Getting ready to retire in several years, and would like to pull the carpet and redo when I redo the basement bathroom, with walk in shower using tile on walls and floors. I am a carpenter.

    I figured I would use a Reflectix over the concrete floor, add 1/4" plywood, then top it with 1/2" plywood, then a put the pex tubing in grooves between the plywood sections, every 16". Deploy a hot water boiler, Munchkin, with controls, etc. which I can do easily myself. I have HVAC background too. I do not want to go with 3/4" flooring as then I need to redo doors, etc.

    Anyone have any really good ideas, I don't want the heat from the tubing to go down into the concrete, or it's a waste of my efforts.


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    Default Re: Basement wood floor installation Ideas.

    How about laminate floors some of which are compatable with under floor heating systems and are only about 9mm.
    As a carpenter you might be able to assist with my question 2 or three previous to this one. I would appreciate some advice.

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