We may get the furnace checked out a little later. Right now, we've both been out of work, and every penny counts. Right now we're kind of in a catch 22. Hoping for warmer weather soon.

I have reset things so the heat only goes down to 60 at night and that seems to make a big difference, so that is where we will probably keep it the rest of winter. We have done all the winterizing I know how to do. There is plastic, and heavy d****s over all the windows, We caulked the windows that had bad leaks that didn't open anyway. We put weather stripping around all the gap in the doors.

Normally our house heats up rather well. Even on a day we don't get out of the 30's, if the sun is out we can hit 75 in the house without even trying. But the past 3 days, sunny Colorado, hasn't been so sunny. I agree there is heat loss somewhere, and without doing an energy audit we probably won't know where, or how to fix it.

Since all the martini's in CA are gone I guess I'll just have to stick it out here and check the web site for other tips. Thanks guys.