Cold weather finally set into Colorado last night. I had been keeping the night time temps set to 55 because it rarely dropped below 60. However, last night it got very very cold in the house. This morning it took just about 3 hours to bring the house up to 68, where I normally have it during the day when I'm home.

Our house is 30 years old. Our furnace and ducts were cleaned just over a year ago when we moved in. Everything is in great shape. It's gas, forced air. Our windows leak cold air, but I put plastic over them on the inside, and that has cut down on drafts. The insulation could be thicker, but it's a good 12 inches in the attic.

What I noticed last night is that the temps dropped pretty quickly I'd say about an hour and a half to 2 hours to get to 55. Then the heat kicked on and off all night, then a 3 hour warm up. Are we really saving any money with having to take 3 hours to heat the house?

Anyone have any ideas on how to keep a house warm that we haven't already thought of?

Last winter our heating bill reached $200 This year we really can't afford that, especially so early in the season.