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    Default Pricing for closed cell foam insulation

    I'm re-doing my kitchen and I'm about to have the one exterior wall (which faces west)insulated with closed cell spray foam insulation. I'm being quoted a price of $1.50/board foot.
    So a wall that's 100 sq ft foamed 3" thick will cost me $450.00.
    I'm going to have it done regardless of the answer to this question because this kitchen has always been cold in the winter, but is the price I'm being quoted a fair price?
    I live in Western NY so it does get cold in the winter.

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    Default Re: Pricing for closed cell foam insulation

    we are located in Erie PA and our local price is much lower per board foot than what you are being quoted. Where at in Western NY are you located? This could be the reason for the high price.
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