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    Question solar power kits?

    I think i remember a show they did that had a installation of a solar power kit, i was wondering if anyone might have a secret place they have hidden away with reasonable prices on these kits. the show i saw had a $3500.00 kit they installed, i looked threw the tools & products area of this site and saw they listed one place but there was no contact information for the company only a name. if anyone at all could help it would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: solar power kits?

    Here's the one installed on the FL house
    Here's a start on one system from one of their articles Both are for producing electricity.
    I beleive you will find the price to be closer to $35000 rather than $3500 though.
    For just hot water suplamental heat
    Probably in the range of $5000 to$7000
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    Post Re: solar power kits?

    I know i have found some kits rangeing from $15000 - $66000 with a size of around 3-5 ft tall 2- 2 1/2 ft wide with 4-5 panels upto enough to cover a good sized roof. I am a truck driver so i have been looking at ways to lower my liveing costat home cause working over the road makes for 2 liveing cost's. hopefully soon me or someone on here will run across a good deal on this technolegy, even thow its been around for several years the cost of it is still a little high.

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