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    Default Butcher Block counter installation

    I had a butcher block counter installed last week. The over hang is not even. The "installer" stated due to the wall not being straight the over hang cannot be straight/even.

    At this juncture I will remove the counter and redo it myself can anyone give me the instructions on "squaring" to get the proper overhang.

    All the article I have seen on the internet assume the butcher block is pre-sized and cut.

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    Default Re: Butcher Block counter installation

    Are you sure the top is not straight and the cabinets are not out of line? The cabinets should be shimmed so they are straight across the front. Place the top on the cabinets and scribe the back to match the surface of the wall. remove the top and cut or sand to the scribed line and reinstall. If the front edge is not straight use a straight edge as a guide and cut it straight.
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    Default Re: Butcher Block counter installation

    And, if you're not to sure what jack meant by "scribing" here is a link to a simple set of instructions that provide the basics.

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