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    Default Leaky pipe comnig in through basement concrete wall

    Hello All,

    I stumbled on this site tonight while searching for solutions to my issue. I was working out in my gym-to-be down in the basement and noticed something. Over on the wall where the main water supply comes into the house, I saw that the concrete had a wet path streaming down the wall. I walked over to it and there is a drip from under the pipe that appears to originate behind the wall caulking where the pipes comes into the house.

    Long story has got to be fixed and I know that it will probably be expensive. Can any of you share with me if this has happened to you and what you did, as well as whom you called to fix it? I am in Conyers, Georgia which is about twenty minutes outside of Atlanta.


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    Default Re: Leaky pipe comnig in through basement concrete wall

    I would check with your town's water department. That is, of course, if you have municipal water. I believe that they may be responsible for any problems up to the meter. Just a thought.

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    Default Re: Leaky pipe comnig in through basement concrete wall

    If the cause of the water is from a leaking service pipe, it's liable to get expensive. If, however, the water leak is from groundwater seeping in around the penetration from the water service pipe, then it's an easy fix.

    Carefully chip out around the pipe (don't nick the pipe while doing this). Undercut the edges of the hole slightly. Then use hydraulic cement to patch the hole. Hydraulic cement expands as it cures. It will expand against the pipe and seal the leak. Hydraulic cement can be found in any hardware or home improvement store.


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    Default Re: Leaky pipe comnig in through basement concrete wall

    I agree with Dave357 that you should try to find out if it's seepage from the pipe itself or from the soil on the other side of the foundation.

    Is it wet all the time, or just during and after rainstorms???

    You could have an unstoppable flood on your hands if it's the supply pipe.

    See if you can get the water dept. to shut off the main for several hours so you can safely chip away at the foundation to open that area to make that determination.

    Patching the hole is always done with a flexible, waterproof material, such as caulking compounds, bitumen, black roof patch cement compound, duxseal, etc.

    These materials allow the pipe to expand and contract in temperature swings, yet prevent groundwater from entering the basement.
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