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    wondering how difficult and how to change tp valve on gas hot water heater, it isn't working and i have been told that it can be very dangerous not to fix it. i was told that hot water tanks could take off like a missle and that is what prompted these valves to begin with.

    any advice


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    hi,is very easy to change,turn the gas valve to pilot setting,shut off cold water supply to heater,open up a hot water faucet(preferbably not a single handle faucet)this will confirm the supply shut off to the tank is working and allow air into the tank to help draining,open up the drain valve on bottom of tank and drain 5 gals er so of water to get water level below t&p,unscrew the(relief tube)open ended pipe that goes to the floor,have your new t&p ready to go w/teflon tape or pipe dope,then unscrew old t&p valve on pop on new valve,shut off the hot water faucet u left open then turn on cold water supply to tank,go back to hot water faucet and vent the air out untill u get all water,turn gas valve back on and put the reief tube back on..................can be done in about 15

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