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    Red face HELP! Trees in basement?

    My husband and i just put a bid on an 1899 house. Our first! Is it totally weird that there are tree trunks holding up the house alongside metal beams???

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    Default Re: HELP! Trees in basement?

    It was quite common at least in my area(Long Island,NY)to use
    locust trunks as the main beam supports. Over the years some have been replaced but many are still intact.
    In fact, I just put a bid on a circa 1890 house that has the original tree trunks as supports.

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    Wink Re: HELP! Trees in basement?

    Hi. My house in MI UP (only a few yrs younger) also has some trunks as support. Mine were under a crawl space, cantilevered out from main section of house that has a basement. The bedroom at that end, on the 2nd floor, had fallen 8" over time. Found a few gaps. Most telling was going to bed with bed against wall, and waking to bed having rolled 8" into room. Other evidence of problem was the angle of the posts on that side with one being noticeably rotted. Sounds as if your problem was taken care of with metal supports.

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